Respect In Sport (London Lightning Fastball)

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PWSA Respect in Sport Program

In 2017 PWSA mandated that parents and activity leaders are required to complete their Respect in Sport program. 
One parent per player and parents are encouraged to take the course with their child.  This is a one time course, once completed you will not have to take the course in following years.

If you have completed this course for another sport or organization you have the opportunity to import the certificate into the PWSA system.  You will not have to pay for or take the course again.  
Instructions for importing your certificate are also at the link below.

As this is mandatory, please send proof of completion to your Coach or Manager.

Registration, information, instructions and the course itself here

From the PWSA Respect in Sport site:

PWSA has introduced this requirement to attempt to mitigate some of the disturbing behaviors that are becoming all too prominent in our sport.  We also wish to mitigate liability for the leagues, coaches and all other volunteers who give so much of their time to our athletes. Athletes in the Junior and above age categories must complete the “Parent Program”.

Coaches must complete the Activity Leader program – cost $30.00 – there is not a Code for a discount. PWSA has already negotiated a discounted rate for you. If you are a parent coach then you do not need to take the family program. However, we do require your partner/spouse to take along with your child.

Parents and the players will take the “Parent program” and the $12.00 fee allows both parents and the children to take the course.  Please note – we encourage the parent to complete the program with the child.

Should you try to register and find your team is not in the drop-down list, please let us know and we will have them added. If you have taken this course for any other sport or group, you can sign in and import your certificate number without having to take the course again.  This course is valid regardless of the sport.